Events and Celebrations

Here in Dellach in the Upper Drautal valley there are plenty of events and things to do!

Current information about the events can be found with this Link:

Events and Celebrations


  • 7. Juli Kurkonzert mit Bauernmarkt im Dorf 


  • 21. Juli Kurkonzert Bad/Camping


  • 28. Juli Kurkonzert Bad/Camping


  • 4. August Kurkonzert Bad/Camping


  • 11. August Kurkonzert Bad/Camping


  • 18. August Kurkonzert Bad/Camping




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  • 2017-09-17_17092017_Erntedank_27.jpg
  • 2017-09-17_17092017_Erntedank_58.jpg
  • 2018-02-10_10022018_Faschingsschlittenrennen_WSV_9.jpg
  • 2018-06-02_02062018_Knotenmesse_98.jpg
  • 2018-07-24_24072018_Luminarium_Olala_83.jpg
  • 2018-08-03_03082018_Bauernmarkt_12.jpg
  • 2018-08-03_03082018_Bauernmarkt_15.jpg
  • 2018-08-03_03082018_Bauernmarkt_96.jpg
  • 2018-08-12_12082018_Weinberger_Kirchtag_und_Lilly_Katzenkinder_79.jpg
  • 2018-08-17_17082018_Flsserfahrt_Oberdrauburg-Berg_12.jpg
  • 2018-08-17_17082018_Flsserfahrt_Oberdrauburg-Berg_41.jpg
  • 2018-08-17_17082018_Flsserfahrt_Oberdrauburg-Berg_47.jpg
  • 2018-10-07_07102018_Drassnitzdorfer_Kirchtag_0.jpg
  • 2020-08-07_07.08.2020_Painting-Bauernmarkt_21.jpg
  • 2020-08-17_17.08.2020_Radlshooting_Tourismus_D500_83.jpg
  • Bauernmarkt.jpg
  • Dellacher-Kirchtag.jpg

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Let's (E-)bike

Bikers can enjoy the lovely Drau bike path, accessed directly from our camping site, as well as special offers.

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Head Down South

Treat yourself to a special short-break holiday for two and join us on a memorable guided sunrise hike.

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Family Delight

Families feels right at home in our child-friendly camping site amidst Carnithia's beautiful nature waiting to be explored. 

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A Gourmet's Delight

Gourmets delight at the delicious Carinthian menu served in our excellent restaurant am Waldbad!

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Best Deals

Offers for ACSI, ADAC, and the Best Deal Camping Card ensure excellent deals for your camping holiday in Dellach.

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Location & Details

Camping am Waldbad

Raßnig 8

9772 Dellach im Drautal


Tel.: +43 4714 288